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A few questions

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A few questions
Before buying the french version of Links SQL I'd like to ask a few questions :

I've used Links 2 since two weeks, I've imported about 50 000 links from the french part of DMOZ. Organising cats, removing bad links and converting french special caracter like , , , is a really hard and very long work :(
Is it right that this work will be much easier to handle with LinksSQL ?

Is it possible to link directly with full url instead of using jump.cgi ?

I want to create a non-adult directory and an adult directory at the same time. I do not want the non-adult visitors to access (while making a search request or browsing the cats) the adult part without being warned with a disclaimer page.
Is it possible to run two separate directories on the same domain with the same script ?

Is there a log of the keywords used in search requests ?

Thanks in advance !


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