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Why No Mod_Perl?

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Why No Mod_Perl?
Just up graded to 1.2.3... looked at environment, and I see I am not running mod_perl... could have sworn I was!

From the admin:

Perl Version: v5.6.2
Gossamer Forum Version: 1.2.3
GForum.pm version: 1.133
GT::SQL Version: 1.103
GT::Template Version: 2.109
Running under mod_perl: No
Running under SpeedyCGI: No

By contrast, the Links on the same server:

Perl Version: 5.006002
Links SQL Version: 2.2.0
DBI.pm Version: 1.42
Running under mod_perl: Yes (version 1.29)
Running under SpeedyCGI: No

Here is startup.pl:


use lib '/hd2/web/b/bcdb/public_html/bcdb/admin',
'/hd2/web/f/forum/private/lib', '/hd2/web/f/forum/public_html/forum/admin';

use Links::mod_perl;
use Community::mod_perl;
use GForum::mod_perl;

#PerlSendHeader On;

It is a front/back server config... so the front end passes to the back... where I have this in the first (Links) VH:

<Location /bcdb> SetHandler perl-script PerlHandler Apache::Registry PerlSendHeader On Options +ExecCGI PerlRequire /hd2/web/b/bcdb/startup.pl </Location>

The second (Forum) server httpd.conf VH has nothing in it...


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