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Admin.CGI Blocking Setup

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Admin.CGI Blocking Setup
Hey- Im doing really well with the GF thing and get right up to the part
where you run AdminCgi and i get an Internal Server errour message. I
dont have any access to the server errour log. Everything else worked
great though, i unpacked the archive, uploaded the binary as binary and
the text as text, set up the database and everything, no prob. but when
i tried to run the admin, i got the errour message. i did this about 5
times and got the same result, i even used two different OSs, same
weirdness. ive installed stuff like this before and usually dont have
this sort of thing happen. the prob is likely staring me right in the
face. can any out there lend their inestimable expertise? thanks in
advance, Tater Wink
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