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Ban user function

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Ban user function
Is it possible, without altering the current Gforum code, to ban IP ranges from even being allowed to browse the forums?

I'm having a terrible problem with spammers extracting names & data from the forums and then turning back around and bombarding these same users with the info. Basically they extract a name (a dead relative's name & info) that they posted, and then they're spammed with targetted crap. "Claim your dead relatives effects & forgotten property", etc.

I suggest that all users not post a public address in their profile, or in their messages, but you know how that goes.

If I could ban entire regions my users would be better off. Ideally I'd ban Asia, Africa, all the small island states, and South America. Drastic I know given that the Internet thrives (requires) open borders....but for my site focus and needs - it wouldn't be a loss.
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