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Can DBMan SQL do all this?

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Can DBMan SQL do all this?
Greetings from a happy Links SQL user (going back to 1999, if you count the non-SQL version I started with). Smile

I'm running Win2K Server on my site. I have a number of data silos, including:

(1) MS SQL;
(2) MySQL;
(3) Microsoft Access files; and
(4) A flat file database in L-Soft's LISTSERV software.

I would like to create a user log-in system whereby the user, upon logging in, will be presented with a single screen with his/her information presented and where the user can change the information from a single location. Right now, the problem is that the user goes to one place to subscribe/unsubscribe/etc. from LISTSERV (flat file), subscribe/unsubscribe/etc. from our email-based eNewsletter system (MS SQL), etc. etc.

Until I bumped into DBMan SQL, my plan was to install ColdFusion (which I actually did install), and, using Dreamweaver as a front-end tool, build a log-in system that way. I'm a neophyte at ColdFusion/Dreamweaver but eventually will get where I need to go, "I think."

Here's my question: Would DBMan SQL enable me to do what I need to do, faster and simpler, and maybe even better? (I can't tell if DBMan SQL is "just" a tool for site managers or if it can work at the "customer" level in the manner I'm describing.)


Stephen C. Nill
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