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My forums were working well since a couple of years.

Suddently, last week, I started getting an error message , only in 3 (of the 5) forums in one (of 3) categories.

The message is:

A fatal error has occurred:

Can't call method "fetchrow_hashref" on an undefined value at /home/infopsy/infopsy-www/cgi-bin/admin/GT/SQL/Tree.pm line 606.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

After consulting other questions about this problem, I note that the debugging message indicates:

GT::SQL::error = Failed to execute query: '
SELECT infopsy_Post.post_id, infopsy_Post.post_time, infopsy_Post.user_id_fk, infopsy_Post.post_root_id, infopsy_Post.post_depth, infopsy_Post.post_father_id, infopsy_Post_tree.tree_anc_id_fk
FROM infopsy_Post, infopsy_Post_tree
WHERE infopsy_Post_tree.tree_id_fk = infopsy_Post.post_id AND (infopsy_Post_tree.tree_anc_id_fk IN (1143,1096,1098,1103,1107,1130,1131,1133,1136,1137,1139,1019,1023,1030,1034,1036,1038,938,941,167,173,176,926,763,773,793,795,806,920,824,829,831,833,834,835,843,844,759,737,738,741,740,747,748,749,755,345,346,444,455,611,690,369,559,560,561,572,400,564,360,362,555,490,435,454,436,437,443,447,401,230,174,177,162,163,164,149,150,152,20,44,46))

' Reason: Can't open file: 'infopsy_Post_tree.MYD'. (errno: 145)

Also, a couple of members complained that many messages are lors when they try to post them on the forum. (This problem seem to have appeared at the same time.)

What is wrong ? What should I do ?

Can someone help me fix this ?

(My version is 1.1.5)

Jean Garneau
webmaster : redpsy.com, infopsy.com. provirtuel.com
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