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Questions, so many questions.

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Questions, so many questions.
Hi there. I'd like a few questions answered if possible.

We are running GT (1.1.8) on an existing web site and have been for about a year. We're getting ready to do a major push and revamp of the forums. Soooooooooooooo.

1.) We need to upgrade to the latest release. The "Sticky" post option is very desireable. What will the upgrade involve and will the existing Threads/posts be effected?

2.) We want a "Shrink Wrap" read and understood page/window to appear as part of the 'sing-up' process. If the prospective user does not "accept" the terms we don't want to sign them up. Am I going to have to build this myself, or do you already have a template?

3.) I want to embed a "report this post to the moderator" link in every post made by a user. Clicking it will bring up the e-mail engine which will allow the reporting user to send a short note to the forum mod. The note will contain the post ID#. This will allow our users to help us "police" the site. Again, is there a template for this?

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