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gmail 2.2.1 various issues

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gmail 2.2.1 various issues

I have gmail 2.2.1 and Pop_Server plugin installed on freebsd/mod_perl/mysql system and have a few questions.

first: regarding the popserver plugin. the plugin seems to work ok, except that when a user logs in using pop to check their mail, it downloads ALL mail from ALL folders in their account--read, unread, sent--not just unread mail. (even stuff in the trash if the account is not set to delete trash on logout). is this the default behavior? if so, is it possible to modify the plugin to only download unread mail (and not trash, even if unread)?

second: short of a complete re-install (which isn't what I want to do), what is the best way to "purge" all existing user data from the system, including database records and files on disk--attachments--everything. I realize you can delete user accounts from the admin interface, but how can I verify that all data has in fact been deleted? for example, what happens when a user uploads an attachment when preparing to send an email, and then decides not to send the mail or loses their connection or moves to another section in the interface, etc. is this uploaded attachment left "in limbo" somwhere on the system? what would be very helpful is some kind of software architecture/database diagram that provides an overall look at the way in which gmail stores email data and attachments. I think this would be of great assistance in administering the system. it would perhaps allow me to write a script to delete "uploaded but not sent" attachments after a certain time period or something of this nature.

third: regarding the consistency.pl script in .../batch/tools/ it includes this readme excerpt:

"This script will check your Gossamer Mail installation and make sure
messages on disk are in the database, and messages in the database are
also on disk. It also performs a few other database integrity checks."

what are some of the possible underlying causes of the types of inconsistencies that "consistency.pl" is designed to fix? (so perhaps I can perform some other system checks to prevent them from occurring in the first place). for example, what would cause messages to be "on disk and not in the database" or "in the database but not on disk?" should this script be run on a regular basis and is there a recommended interval for doing so? what is the potential for undesireable results when running this script (ie, any known bugs)?

fourth: has anyone had success in writing a plugin to check remote mail from other webmail services that have http user interfaces, but not POP access?

fifth: anyone know anything about this company or used their services? http://www.agriya.com. they are listed in the gmail help section under customization
thanks for your help.
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