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Google Search and Adwords/AdSense

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Google Search and Adwords/AdSense
If anyone needed "proof" about what google does, or does not do when scoring pages, read on.

Looking over the google instructions for improving the targeting of your page:


This sticks out, as to why you should use the rewrite rules posted to create SE friendly pages to serve jump.cgi pages.


Your website is using session ID's in the URL.
If your web pages use session ID's, you may not receive targeted ads on those pages. Since this session ID – and therefore the URL - changes every time a different user views a page, the URL will not be in the index and will be queued to be crawled. Once the URL is crawled, however, the session will most likely have expired. This means that pages seen by the users are never in the index. You will need to remove the session ID's in order to display targeted ads.

They seem to specifically target "ID" strings, and assume they are not valid for later use.

They also seem to have problems with frames and iframes, as trying to decide "included" content on a page opens up potential risk from their point of view.

This seems to be the most insight into any search engine that has been "officially" posted.

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