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Selecting Array data??

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Selecting Array data??
I have the following function in a DbMan SQL "custom.pm" file:

sub GetClaimData {
# Fetch a row of data in the Claims database.
my $tags = GT::Template->tags;
my $id = $tags->{ClaimID};
my $info = $tags->{home}->{sql}->table('Claims')->get ($id);

# I'm just playing here.
# if($info->{'InsuredID'} eq '') { my $info->{'InsuredID'} = $tags->{'InsuredID'}; }
# if I try this... this is what I get:
# Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at /home/www/html/code/admin/Dbsql/custom.pm line 65.

return $info;

The purpose of it is to grab an entire row of data for an SQL source.


I want to evaluate one of the columns (InsuredID) in that row and see if it is blank (eg. equal to ''), if it is, then I want to replace it with an existing variable (eg. in this case $tags->InsuredID) My problem lies in that I do not know how to break apart $info and evaluate that column and the other part is how do I replace the new variable back into the $info data array?

Am I close with the playing around above??
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