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GT::Tar ... making new tar...

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GT::Tar ... making new tar...
Hi. I'm trying to make a TAR file from all the files in the template folder. I currently have;

my @file_list;
my $file;
opendir(DIR, $CFG->{admin_root_path}) or die "Can't opendir $CFG->{admin_root_path}: $!\n";
while (defined($file = readdir(DIR))) {
if ($file =~ /\.(html|txt)/i){
push @file_list, $file;

my $tar = new GT::Tar;

foreach (@file_list) {
$tar->add_file( $CFG->{admin_root_path} . "/templates/default/" . $_ );


...however, this gives me;

GT::Tar (7227): Bad arguments passed to new(). Reason: No output archive passed in at /home/linkssql/linkssql.net/cgi-bin/imageSQL/admin/Plugins/Admin_Make_Temp.pm line 48.

...line 48 is;

my $tar = new GT::Tar;

I've taken a look through the plugin managed, but I can't see where new files are added in the plugin wizard.. so it wasn't much help :(


Andy (mod)
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