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compose*.htm bugs/problems

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compose*.htm bugs/problems

Qstn wrt the maxlength in text and html mode. The former is 75 and the latter is 255. So what is a user starts in text mode and subject limit is reached switches to html mode and keeps typing additional matter in subject line till 255 is reached and then switches back to text mode to send the mail finally. Why is this difference there in max length between the two modes.

In IE.
In any mode (html or text) a user decides to send mail to addresses in the particular gorup (haing many addresses). SO on clicking the Send Email in the address book a vriable amount of horizontal scroll is introduced and this carries on when there is a switchover/switchbak to/from html/text modes. This possibly is being caused by style="width:100%" and on removing that the text box becomes too small (taking 60/40 values in text/html modes). So how to get over this problem of variable horizontal scroll being introduced. Similarly even if Addresses are individually intordiced frok address book and then the user switches the compose mode then also the horizontal scroll is introduced.

Any Solutions/suggestions....

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