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Needed Features

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Needed Features
I see there has not been much discussion here for about 5 months or so, so here I go...

I recently purchased GT Autorespond but have only now started to deploy it. I am changing over from a competing product, Autoresponse Plus 3.0 and these are my initial observations.

I would like to see GT Autorespond adopt the approach of AutoResponse Plus where auto responders are organised by what they really are - auto responders, and then within these auto responders, have the relevant messages. GT Autorespond calls all its messages auto responders which makes it a little confusing and cumbersome to operate.

With the other product I can have any number of auto responders on my admin panel, each with its own set of messages. And it is easy to administer and deploy the auto responders. Easy to chain together auto responders and automatically move leads from one to the other. Unless I am missing something, with GT Auto Respond I would have to create many accounts to do this.

With the other product I can be alerted whenever someone subscribes to an auto responder. I do not see this option with GT's product.

With my limited technical knowledge, I can however appreciate the underlying very powerful and configurable structure on which GT AutoRespond is built and hope it can have added features such as the above in the very near future.

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