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It pasted HTML but did not parse even though set up for the forum in admin (markup and html).

I've played for a while tonight as well still no joy in advanced or basic editor. If you cut and paste a web page from a browser window it views ok initially but if you go to edit
(say in the basic editor) its turns the page into the GT markup tags and not *HTML* which is what I want to work with. I just want the html tags to render just like the markup tags do.

eg <hr> this doesn't underline but the markup tag equivalent does!

So if I 'view source' and cut and past the actual html
(eg <b>this should be bold</b>) it doesn't parse the html at all but just treats the html as text.

I was hoping you could just work with html (and therefore cut and past html). There is so much content I have already in html I don't want to recode into markup or have to retype
and lose all my nice formating in tables etc.

BTW the it works "here" link on the reply to my first post is a dead link so I can't see what you are getting at. This particular forum doesn't have html as a post style so I don't think it can be demo'ed in this forum at least.

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