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Thanks for your help, but i still don get it..

The 2 fields I want to search for is:
  1. 'status' column : must be eq (==) to 'Åben'
  2. 'fk_type_workorder' column : must be ne (!=) to '4'

1. works fine with db.cgi?.....;status=Åben
but db.cgi?....;status=Åben;fk_type_workorder-opt='!='4; does not work, I cant figure out if/how -opt is understood by db.cgi..

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Can't find any examples on passing != in the url..

Found this in the documentation, but I do not know how to use in an url:


To negate your queries you can use the not function.

my $cond = GT::SQL::Condition->new('a', '=', '5');


would translate into NOT (a = '5'). You can also do this all on one line like:

print GT::SQL::Condition->new('a', '=', '5')->not->sql;

This returns the sql right away.

Any help highly appreciated

Anders Poulsen
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