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Search question
I am trying to do at simple search in one table by passing 2 arguments in the url, ex. :

href="db.cgi?do=modify_search_results&db=Workorder&t=udf&status=Åben" - and it works just fine!

My problem is that i would like to use the != (not equal) comparison operator for a third argument like this:

href="db.cgi?do=modify_search_results&db=Workorder&t=udf&status=Åben&fk_type_workorder!=2" but the result(s) are exactly the same..

At this point I'm perventing the unwanted results from being viewed on the 'modify_search_results' template by using a 'if' statement, but I'm not happy with this solution.

Any help or comments are highly appreciated.

Anders Poulsen

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