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Hello All:
Could somebody please help with this:
I would like to add the colum, dgraph_birth_date , to my dgraph table. I created the file join_include_birth.htm and made the entries:
<select name="dgraph_day" size=1>
<option selected>Day</option>
<option value=01>01</option></select>
<select name="dgraph_month" size=1>
<option selected>Month</option>
<option value=01>January</option>
</select><input type="text" name="dgraph_year" size="4" maxlength="4">&nbsp[Ex:1980]

I included the above file in join_include.htm and everything looks good. The colums dgraph_birth_date, dgraph_gender, etc were also created in the dgrap table.
In the check_dgraph sub routine of Join.pm right before the line "foreach my $col (keys %{$c}) {" ,
I inserted the statements:

if (!$cgi->{dgraph_birth_date}) {
$cgi->{dgraph_birth_date} = ("$cgi->{dgraph_day} . '-' . $cgi->{dgraph_month} . '-' . $cgi->{dgraph_year}" || '');
$IN->param(dgraph_birth_date => $cgi->{dgraph_birth_date});

I finally try to add a user by way of signup but constantly get "Birth Date can not be left blank".
Could someone help.

Thank you, peter curran

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You can add fields in the Database->Demographics->Add Column feature. Once you've added your columns, you will need to update your signup and profile templates to include the new information. Just make sure to label the form field exactly like the name in the database and Gossamer Mail will handle the rest.


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