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Adding member record after signup

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Adding member record after signup
Please see the introduction to this thread.

The directory already contains details of 1000+ companies. These will be given a user name and password. When they log in they should see a "modify company details" link. They should not see an "add company" link (1 company record per member, and the primary key is also the userid field).

When a new member signs up and logs in for the first time, they need to see a "add your company details" link, but not a "modify company details" link.

So when a member logs in, we need to know whether a record exists in the company table and display the appropriate link. So we need to run a query like

select comp_id from Company.

If the query returns a row, we display the modify link. If the query returns no rows, we display the add link.

Doesn't sound too bad. Can anyone explain how we do this in dbman sql 2 please?

When administrator logs in he should of course see all links.

many thanks
Tim Ault
Oxford UK
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