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Pagebuilder breadcrumb
Hi all,

Im using the latest Pagebuilder plugin version (1.0.5) and have turned up an issue with the Breadcrumb feature.

Have set-up a page under Articles and the breadcrumb is returning a link for the page within the page itself (if that makes any sense).

i.e. <a href="root">Home</a> : <a href="root/articles/">Articles</a> : <a href="root/articles/22.php">Current Article page</a> :

Is there a way to remove the link to the Current Article page and also the colon?

Does it require a hack in sub _link_title (PageBuilder.pm)?

I thank you!

Here's the settings i've got:

Page ID 5
Page Type Link
Page Name article
Page Title
Parent Page Root
Page Root 0
Breadcrumb Type Link
Page Condition LinkType = Article
Meta Description
Meta Keywords
Build Static Yes
Build Directory articles
Build Filename <%LinkID%>.php
Display Dynamic Yes
View Permissions Everybody
File Type HTML

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