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Yours certainly looks better; I like the layout. However, I do get two "debug' error messages on each view. Probably because I'm not logged in.

As I said, I've only been live since 8.10.02 and have a long way to go as well as a lot to learn. I'm using GF for my forum for my users and using Article Manager from InteractiveTools.com inc. (www.interactivetools.com) for my CMS, as it were. AM has a MySQL version out in beta that I will change to when released in production. I'm using MySQL for GF and I have two other applications to integrate which will be MySQL based as well. Once everything is running independently I plan to have everything integrated among the applications.

AM also has a 'continuation' function for the articles as well as a 'comment on this article' that will either link into GF for comments on the particular article or create a new thread if necessary.

InteractiveTools is also a Vancouver, BC, Canada company and they have terrific support and the techs answer the phone seven days a week. It is a great combination with Gossamer Forum. (Maybe there is something in the water up there in Vancouver that makes both of these companies so good.)
Have a nice day!

Bob B

editor at rounddance dot com
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