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Redirecting toanother server

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Redirecting toanother server
I need help redirecting some pages. I use an outside service for my guestbooks and message board, and I redirect them as follow, but I am looking for simpler version, since I there are hundred of this pages in different categories (this redirect only work in the first 9 pages):

redirect /app?ID=RomanceLinks&DOC=1 http://gbooks1.melodysoft.com/...manceLinks&DOC=1
redirect /app?ID=RomanceLinks&DOC=11 http://gbooks1.melodysoft.com/...anceLinks&DOC=11
redirect /app?ID=RomanceLinks&DOC=21 http://gbooks1.melodysoft.com/...anceLinks&DOC=21
redirect /app?ID=RomanceLinks&DOC=31 http://gbooks1.melodysoft.com/...anceLinks&DOC=31
redirect /app?ID=RomanceLinks&DOC=41 http://gbooks1.melodysoft.com/...anceLinks&DOC=41
redirect /app?ID=RomanceLinks&DOC=51 http://gbooks1.melodysoft.com/...anceLinks&DOC=51
redirect /app?ID=RomanceLinks&DOC=61 http://gbooks1.melodysoft.com/...anceLinks&DOC=61
redirect /app?ID=RomanceLinks&DOC=71 http://gbooks1.melodysoft.com/...anceLinks&DOC=71
redirect /app?ID=RomanceLinks&DOC=81 http://gbooks1.melodysoft.com/...anceLinks&DOC=81

Can I use redirectmatch???? Would something like this work?

RedirectMatch (.*)\app?ID=RomanceLinks$ http://gbooks1.melodysoft.com/app?ID=RomanceLinks$

what would be the correct format?

The book location in this case is:/app?ID=RomanceLinks

and the server for the book is:http://gbooks1.melodysoft.com/
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