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One or Two Crucial Questions

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One or Two Crucial Questions
Hi All,

I am currently working on a new project and being a fan of DBMAN am considering the use of DBMAN SQL. I just have a few questions regarding the differences between the two.

I understand that SQL has a template system in preference to the html.pl file which was a headache to edit sometimes. Is this fully customizable i.e can be slotted into the existing site which is maybe going to be PHP powered.

Secondly with regards relational DBASES can I have 3 or 4 running at a time sharing information i.e User Database, Users_Diary, Users_Photos etc etc .

Thirdly this may sound a little strange but I would like to be able to allow each primary user(Client) to be able to allocate logins and passwords to their friends/relatives etc to allow them to view the information that the primary user has posted. A bit like a journal I suppose.

I dont mean to sound vague this is in the early stages and I like to stick with what I know and hope DBMAN SQL is hot as DBMAN is.


James Morris

p.s Any DBMAN SQL Sites out there useing multi-relational databases ?
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