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Yogi's Poll... I'm Going Bald!

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Yogi's Poll... I'm Going Bald!
I have installed Yogi's poll. Yogi, I have to say, the poll is a great idea and I know it works just fine. But for a person that has limited code abilities such as myself - the instructions are so very vague that I feared if I didn't write for help, I would be bald soon from pulling out my hair.

I have set a forum up where people can come and create a poll and also vote (they do not have to be registered members to create a poll and/or vote - nor do they have to be in any group). Trouble is, when I go to set the permissions, the instructions are so unclear that it just frustrates me (which is usually is a good thing when I'm frustrated )

Here are the settings table from the plugin manager [edit] screen:
Permissions for voting in a poll (see "About" for details)
poll_vote_permission ?? Permissions for writing a new poll (see "About" for details) poll_write_permission ?? Permissions for editing new poll (see "About" for details) poll_edit_permission ??

Here are the fields to create a new poll:

Forum ID ?? Group ID ?? Poll Permissions ____

With the scenario I have described above, what values should I use based on your permission codes below:

As an administrator, you can edit the permissions for polls. The four levels of permissions for polls are
  • none = 0
  • may vote = 1
  • may write polls = 2
  • may edit/disable polls = 3

By default, the permissions for polls are related to the permission of a user in a forum. The list of usergroup/forum permissions are
  • banned = -1
  • none = 0
  • view forum = 1
  • view list of posts = 2
  • read posts = 3
  • reply to posts = 4
  • post messages = 5
  • moderators = 6

Can you help me? If you fill in the values that are necessary, I'd be eternally grateful. Wink


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