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[Plugin] DirName converter plugin released

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[Plugin] DirName converter plugin released
The DirName converter v1.0.5 plugin (public release) has been released.

The DirName converter plugin can generate valid build directory names automatically, while it does invalid character conversion, based on Category names ('Full_Name' field). Conversion is based on very flexible plugin options. This conversion is non-destructive, since the converted values are placed into a new column, which name is set in Admin/Setup/Build Options/ in build_directory_field option.
Usage is recommended for users who use Non-English or special characters in 'Full_Name' field, but anybody else can find it useful, who need to copy 'Full_Name' values into another column, while a character conversion is done.
The plugin optionally can also generate 'Name' column values from 'Full_Name' column (this one feature is destructive, since it overwrites the old values with new one in Name column).

- Non-English_conversion: converts accented characters, but can be used for any kind of character replacement by changing the Non-English_chars & Matching_chars list.
- Invalid_replace_mode: replaces invalid chars with a user defined char (default is _ ). Valid charset is editable on admin interface.
- Merge_mode: merges multiple invalid chars (optional, admin interface)
- Trim_leading_mode: trims leading invalid chars (optional, admin interface)
- Trim_trailing_mode: trims trailing invalid chars (optional, admin interface)
- Debug_mode: option so you can display all changes how are done (optional, admin interface)
- Debug_list_only_changes: option to display only the debug info where there were really changes done

What's new in v1.0.5 (bugfix release):
- corrected a bug (use of 'category' instead 'Category') which caused problems on Unixes
- moved file level my() declarations to function level for mod_perl compatibility
- changed query 'do_query' to 'update' to have more elegant solution :)
- some small documentation changes

License: Freeware (Donationware)

Support Options: No support by default, but DONATORS get email support & CUSTOM MODIFICATIONS. For more info click the donation URL below.

Support, Donation, News & Update URL: http://links.jepp.hu/donation.html (click this link)

Related threads: International category & valid directory names, bug in dir Converter

Public release: Public versions are FREE to use by anybody for both private or commercial use. However if you find useful, donations are accepted.

Donator release: Donator version are the latest plugin version which is available, and contains Donator requested features. Donator releases are not available for the public, only 1 month later after the first release. However the donator versions are also available for those, who donates at least $20. When the 1 month delay, the plugin is released as public version, and will be available for free.

The public version of the plugin can be downloaded from Links SQL Admin/Plugins/Plugin Download/Show,
or from the http://links.jepp.hu/donation.html page, where the new plugin releases are first announced.

Best regards,

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