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Customization for LinksSQL

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Customization for LinksSQL
Hi. I am currently a Links 2.0 user, but am thinking of upgrading to LinksSQL. If I do upgrade, I would like to get some customization done. Here's a list of what I need done:

1. I need to be able to add extra fields easily. I would like to have an option in the admin console that allows me to add 'yes/no' fields easily without having to modify the scripts manually.

2. These 'yes/no' fields would be in the form of checkboxes at the user end and they would each represent a category. When a user submits a new link for validation, he would select the categories that he wants the link to be listed in. I plan of having the same link listed in multiple categories, so this would help me in that department (at least from a user standpoint).

3. On the admin side, I in addition to being able to add fields every time I add a new category (see step 1.), I would need a way to validate links by category. This may be a little tricky to implement. For example, if a user submits a link to two categories, and I want to validate his link in one category and reject it in the other category, I need to be able to do that. Ideally, I would like this to work on a radio button system similar to the checkbox system that we implemented in step 2.: if the user checks categoryA and categoryB when submitting a link, on the admin side I would get categoryA and categoryB pre-checked for validation.

Please take a look at the following for a simple example: ('Add a site' screen) ('Validate' screen)

Please let me know how much $ you would expect to get for this customization, and how long it may take. Also if you need any clarification, I would be more than happy to assist.

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