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GF plugins needed--$$$$

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GF plugins needed--$$$$

I need some custom plugins on my GForum site and I am willing to pay good money! You need to be able to accept credit cards Wink. I need three different mods:

1. Download counter for post attachments: "Downloaded <%DL_count%> times since <%upload date%>" next to each post attachment. I do not need it to function for PM attachments.

2. The ability to auto resend email validation every X days for those still not validated based on a setting (Example: Days until resend: 7) in the admin panel.

3. Auto-subscribe to forum(s) upon registration: When a new user becomes registered, he is automatically subscribed to forum(s) based on a setting in the admin (plugin) panel. For example, the the admin panel---Auto-subscribe to forum(s): 2,7,6 This would not restrict the user's ability to unsubscribe at a later date, but initially all users get signed up.

Please give me a PM/quote if you are interested!

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