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Re: [Paul] Repair Table Error

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Thanks Paul, That did help me with the build error. I'm still getting the strange error though with my categories not being able to figure out the correct number of links.

When I click repair table...i'm still getting this:
Checking category stats ...
Category should have 18 links, but is set to 0, repairing ... 18 ok!
Category should have 9 links, but is set to 0, repairing ... 9 ok!
etc. etc. etc.

and the java browse function still shows either a (0) or a (3) next to the category names. If this helps, it is also strange when I build the directory. It shows something like this:

Building category ...
Links: 154
Building subpage: 2
Building subpage: 3
Building subpage: 4
Building subpage: 5
Building subpage: 6
Building subpage: 7

Notice how the category name is completly missing? Usually it says something like Building category xyz ... etc.

I'm stumped.
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