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qmail help needed
I currently have qmail setup to handle our bulk mailings for our opt-in lists. I am looking for a QMAIL EXPERT to solve some problems that we have been having.

Our system works as follows:

1) We upload the email addresses into a file called .qmail
2) We then SSH in and enter the following command to have the list send:
cat message.txt | qmail-inject
3) Qmail then sends the bulk message to an email address on our own mail server.
4) Then the message is BCC to the rest of the database.

Here is where we run into the problem:

Bounce backs are sometimes, but not always, sent back to the email address that we sent from,
and those bounce backs are then sent to the entire mailings list.

Here is what I need from you:

1 ) A way for us to prevent bounce backs from EVER being sent to anyone on the list.

2) We want all bounce backs to be placed in one file. We want the email addresses of all of our bounced email messages to be placed within one .txt file along with the reason why the delivery failed.

Please give us a quote along with a date you can have this completed by, the sooner the better. We can give you all of the necessary login information within several hours of when you give us your quote.

If you can do this job well, quickly, and at a fair price, we will contract you out as a long-term contractor.

Thank you,
Joe Soltis
President of YourBizz.com, Inc.
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