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Add Macintosh bug?

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Add Macintosh bug?
I can not add links or categories when using my iMac.
I'm fine when using my Mac laptop or PC. What is also
odd it that I can not add links to other people's Links2
websites either. I have tried different browsers.

iMac Rev B
Mac OS 9.2.2
Netscape 4.78
Explorer 5.0 (2022)
Opera 6.0

Powerbook 1400cs
Mac OS 9.1
Netscape 4.7

When I view the source of the webpage I get this

<a class="menulink" href="http://www.happytogether.com/318ti/registry">Home</a> |
<!--lass="menulink" href="http://www.happytogether.com/318ti/registry/cgi-bin/add.cg-->Add a Name</a> |
<a class="menulink" href="http://www.happytogether.com/318ti/registry/cgi-bin/modify.cgi">Modify an Entry</a> |

If you notice, the add link is commented out.
It happens everywhere I have an add link.
I know it's not Link2 since it works elsewhere.

Anyone else have this problem?
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BMW 318ti Registry
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