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Database advice

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Database advice
Im creating a database (using DBManSQL of course) of people (worldwide) and the languages they can speak.

I have been doing some research and the number of languages I will need to be able to handle is about 250. I will need to include their contact details (name, address, telephone, etc.) plus the languages that they speak (anything from one language to about ten languages per person). What is the best way to handle this from the following two perspectives

1/ Database table setup. Do I need 250+ columns or do I allow the user to enter multiple languages in one field? I need to be able to search the database for people who can speak the required language or languages.

2/ Input form. What would be the best way for the user to select the languages they can speak (note: some users can speak multiple languages)?? Should I use checkboxes, radio buttons or drop down menu, etc considering the number of language names I need to display?

Any advice would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

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