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File Upload

I am having problems with the file upload feature of DBManSQL 2.1.0.

When I add a file, everything is ok and my record html displays the file name only (e.g filename.gif) but when I try to modify the file my record.html displays the location where the file came from (e.g my computer directory) - E:\My Documents\Websites\database\images\default\filename.gif

When I modify another field (non file field) on the same form and leave the file field the same (blank) my record.html displays my server directory path (e.g the storage location) - /path/path/mydomain/database/images/directory/filename.gif

I know that a similar problem was discussed in thread -http://gossamer-threads.com/...ile%20upload;#224806

and that a new File.pm was made available by GT but I tried that solution and it doesn't work.

My form.html contains -

<input type="file" name="fieldname" size="40" maxlength="255">

And my record.html contains -

File Name: <%fieldname%> <a href="db.cgi?<%ifnot use_cookie%>sid=<%session_id%>&<%endif%>src=db&cn=fieldname&do=view_file&id=<%primarykey%>&db=<%db%>&fname=<%fieldname%>"> View</a>

NOTE: The database entries are correct in all situations (Add, Modify, View, etc.) with the filename only being entered into the filename field. The view_file link is also working correctly.

Has anyone else had this problem or can someone provide a solution??

Thank you.

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