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Detailed Page Plugin

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Detailed Page Plugin
Ok, this is my first attempt at installing a plugin and looks like I failed... Unsure

I installed the Detailed Page from the admin interface, but how do I call it from the page? I did look up the file under plugins and it says:

sub help {
# -------------------------------------------------------------------
# This subroutine will get called whenever the user clicks
# on 'Help' in the admin menu. Remember, you need to print
# your own content-type headers, you should use
# print $IN->header();

print $IN->header();
print Links::header ('Help Menu', qq|

<B>Bad_Link.cgi</B> should be in your LinkSQL CGI directory -- where jump.cgi,
etc are located. It needs to be chmod 755 .
Call this from your templates or pages as
&lt;A href="&lt;%db_cgi_url%&gt;/detail_page.cgi?ID=&lt;%ID%&gt;"&gt;Detail Page Exists &lt;/A&gt;
The only parameter the program expects -- or looks for -- is ID=nnnn
It requires it, or you get an error (can't jump to a blank link!)
<P> There is NO REASON to call this
script in any way other than the above! It will do all the work once you tell
it which link you want to report! Just pass it an ID!!



# Always end with a 1.

What exactly am I supposed to put in the template?!?!


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