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import from csv/txt files

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import from csv/txt files

I am using LinksSQL, GT FORUM and GT Mail for quite a while now.

My question now is, can I do the following by using DBMan SQL and how difficult is this to set up?:
  • creating a product-database with ProductTitle, ProduktLink, ProductDescription, Price etc. (I think this will work)
  • import (add) this table-data from csv-style text-files manually and by cron (from a known location)
  • have an expire-date or date-offset (example: valid/viewable two weeks since uploaded/submitted)
  • let some selected user (agents?) upload their csv-files themself
  • abiility to define for every import-prozess where the needed fields are (import1: Price is in the first column, Title in the 3rd column / import2: price is in 8th column, Title in the second /etc.)

I hope I get a quick and detailed answer very soon.


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