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Same old DB;different tasks

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Same old DB;different tasks

I have my DB setup for a while now and I was considering allowing "admin" adding records for "PREDEFINED" userId's.

What I need to know is if at this stage I can expect those predefined userid's could
  • Only access their records.(sort of individual Inbox)
  • Search their only records
  • List all their only records
  • They will not Add/Delete/Modify their records
  • Use different passwords with the same Predefined userId

and those records will not be accessible to the default users.The registered users can only ADD records.

I've looked and followed a lots of threads re:similar but not the same scenario; my understanding is that I might need to use the relational database with some kind of added permission.Am I correct or is there a possibility that I can still use the same DB with maybe a second html.pl and Format.pl.(Super idea of LoisC) and tweaking a little the .cfg file; anyway just some guessing of mine.

Today again I checked LoisC's extraordinary FAQ;besides the record #170 on her database dealing with "admin adding records" I couldn't find a similar case per se.

I hope someone would adventure some thoughts on these questions;it'll be very much appreciated.


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