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Can't call method "fetchrow_hashref"

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Can't call method "fetchrow_hashref"
HELP! My forums have suddenly stopped working properly. Everything seems OK except when I try to do a forum view like:

I get this:
A fatal error has occurred:

Can't call method "fetchrow_hashref" on an undefined value at /home/seaturtle/cgi-bin/gforum/admin/GForum/Forum.pm line 88.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

I have tried to turn on debugging, but then when I try to load the page it just hangs.

Any ideas?

Not sure if these are related, but I just upgraded my server which included moving all of the data files off, installing RH8, and moving all of the datafiles back. Everything seems to be working except for forum view. Is there a module or something that I could have forgotten to install that would cause this?

Michael Coyne
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