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Possible bug?

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Possible bug?

I thought first that I was missing something when one of my GM accounts stopped saving a copy in Sent Folder. Other accounts were saving these fine but that one, irrespective what I did, did not do that.

Then suddenly these last few days another accuount started behaving similarly. Suddenly no sent messages were stored i sent folder.

So now I have a recurrent reproducible behavior and so it is a bug.

The common denominator between these 2 accounts is that they are relatively large (More than 1000 messages in each). This second one started behaving as such when it just tipped over 1000.

So ...

Does anyone have large accounts with more than 1000 messages? Are your accounts behaving the same?

Another related question: Do any messages get lost with large accounts? Meaning you know message is there in catch-all account, you run incoming.pl but then messages do not show up in user's mailbox, in undeliverables (I have all undeliverables logged), and they get deleted from catch all account. That I am starting is another big related to large accounts.

This behavior was noted on GM 2.0.6

Feedback anyone?

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