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search problems

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search problems
I have Links SQL 2.1.1. After the intall, search.cgi does not work the way it should be.

Problem 1: I only want to search title and description fields. So I went to admin panel-database-links-properties and changed search weights to 0 in url field. Title is 3 and description is 1. Then I did a rebuilt search, which is supposed to index the database? When I search "Must contain all words", still it will search url field and return me unwanted hits. What should I do?

Problem 2: "Exact words" don't give me exact words. It does pick up words from middle of another word. For instance, I searched "journal of aba banking" and microfilm will be there because "of" in the middle of the word.

I noticed in Admin-panel-database-links-property, index scheme is "non-indexed". Other choices include "mysql", "internal", "mssql", etc. Is "Nonindexed" right choice for me?

Without fixing those, I cannot put it into producation. Someone must know it. Help! Thanks
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