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Custom Programming Needed.

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Custom Programming Needed.

I need an install of LSQL that wil do certain things that are not built in. I'm looking for bids to see how much something like this could be done for.

I would like to create an installation of LSQL that would allow people to create a personals ad. I need the following capabilities.

An individual should be able to make a submission to the site that would include basic information such as name, email, stats, bio. They would also need to be able to upload 5 photos. I would like for them to be able to load files of whatever size they want, but then have LSQL interface with Imagemagick on my server and 1) optimize the image for filesize 2)modify dimensions if image was greater than allowed dimensions, and 3) add a watermark to the image. It would also need to build thumbnails of the images. When LSQL did its build it would build the link pages which would show one thumbnail image (that is not linked to a full-size image) as well as all the stats (except email).

Then when a surfer clicked on the link it would take them to the detailed link page (which would be built in a .htpassword protected folder). The detailed link would show after a member logged in with a valid username/password stored in the .htpassword file (I'll take care of all of that). The detailed URL would show all the stats fields including the email plus all 5 thumbnails which would link to the full-sized image versions.

Anyone able or interested in helping me out with this?
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