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Re: [TheStone] relationships and Dbsql::HTML

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Hi there,

Is there in fact a good way to edit some of the default formatting functions in Dbsql::HTML? I'm not looking to do anything terribly fancy - I'm just trying to get as much mileage out of the "default" templates as possible, since I have about 50 tables that all need to be displayed in the same basic way (fonts, table widths, etc.)

One example of something very simple that I'm having a tough time figuring out:

On the add_form display, the left-hand table column lists the "display as" values, while the right-hand column has the input fields. The "display as" values are currently being called up with the following html formatting:

<td valign=top align=left width='30%'><font face="Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica" size=2>DISPLAY_VALUE</font></td>

But I can't for the life of me find the instructions to do that in Dbsql::HTML, or anywhere else for that matter. I'm relatively new to working with perl modules, so I'm sure I'm just not looking in the right place. But surely it wouldn't be devastating to the functionality of the script for me to be able to change that html formatting so that "display as" values are right-aligned, for example.

Can anyone provide any guidance or suggestions on this issue?

Thanks very much in advance for any assistance.

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