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One database - many tables?

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One database - many tables?

I'm looking to buy DBManSQL for a design client who wants to setup a few searchable databases on their website.

They are a vehicle dismantler and want to offer a list of new and recycled auto parts, and also display their latest damaged repairable salvage vehicles along with photos.

I have a couple of questions:

1) They only have one SQL database available, but I assume I can create separate tables for each section of their site?

2) Can I use different templates for each table, i.e. different 'look' for parts and salvage?

3) In the salvage section they want to include a series of photo's with each vehicle. The template should have one LARGE photo, with thumbnails of the others. When you click a thumbnail the template should refresh and replace the LARGE photo with the one from the thumbnail - can this be done?

4) They export the parts data to flat-file text files - can these files be used to update the tables?

5) I'd like to have an overall 'Admin' facility with all features, and 'sub-users' who can add/remove records - can I do this?

Any help appreciated.

All the best
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