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I had been working on something, a basic auction, that had the look of ebay, but did not end at a specific time. The problem was timing on the database, so what I had built in was adding an x-factor to the closing time. Any bid that was placed in the last n-minutes added x-minutes to the closing time. Again, the problem I had was queuing, and to do it right there would have to be a transaction queue, something mysql doesn't support. The "time" of the bid is the time entered into the transaction queue, not the time the action was posted to the mysql database, so that if there was a delayed posting, it still would handle each transaction in turn, and apply the bid/extend process to each transaction as taken from the queue.

It was actually fairly simple. I might be able to dig up the code. It was for 1.13, but if I remember, it didn't do anything "funny". It might only need header information.

1) used the links user table /login information to decide if a user was allowed to bid/post (no other checking)

2) used a links category as "auction" and if category name was "Auction" it took actions based on that. In a way it was a predecessor to the arbitrary tables system, but it was flat out stupid <G>.

3) It kept a log of bids/proxy/etc

4) did not handle dutch auctions yet

5) ... more, but that is all I can remember.

I post this, because I'm not sure that it will do what you want, as you listed it. I'd have to fix it up a bit, as well, and it was *not* a plug in. Meaning, the table had to be created manually, and the script/templates copied over manually, but like all my programs at that time, it was in one script that "added on" to Links, without changing anything in links.

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