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[brainstorm] MyLinks Plugin Suggestions

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[brainstorm] MyLinks Plugin Suggestions
We asked our testers to try out the MyLinks plugin features, and report back on how they thought they might use it, and how it could be extended. Here are some of their ideas and conclusions (the ones which I think the MyLinks author might actually consider worthwhile or feasible) ...

1. Combined with Pagebuilder, could provide the basis of a personal workspace (important for us, as the project is intended as a research resource) -- each registered could have a personal page where they can keep and edit notes (not just link lists) and contribute to the overall project.

2. A private memo pad, preferably a list or tree of individual date-stamped, editable notes.

3. They all wanted category bookmarks.

4. An admin option to be notified of new custom links (just so we know what the users are getting up to)

5. Some way of sending custom links to the unvalidated queue of the main database -- or, for editors, to move them directly to the appropriate category.

6. An option for custom lists to be available to other users if the owner was trusted by admin, eg: minimum 6 months after registration.

7. Custom fields for custom lists.

What are our chances?
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