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Re: [QooQ] How the "New" Posts Works

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Yes I suppose using the back button of the browser is one way around it. However even when you are in the list of discussions you can't see which discussion has new posts and which is a new discussion. In my opinion this is only displayed on the previous page.

I always start with the principle that in "web navigation", for users, you can never make it easy enough for them. Most of us here have adapted to this forum and we are fairly computer savvy in general. A lot of users need to be held by their hand to begin with, just so that they can enjoy our hard work.

Completely off subject, I've just started rollerblading and I can assure you that a helping hand is something I really appreciate, especially since I can't get the breaks to work for me yet. And if I can't learn how to break I won't enjoy it as much that is for sure Wink

I was just thinking that it may be possible to make it a bit easier for people to see which messages they haven't seen yet through the program without needing to use browser functions.

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