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How the "New" Posts Works

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How the "New" Posts Works
I was wondering whether it is possible to have the "New" indication appear until the discussion has been entered and posts viewed.

For example at the moment if I display the main page I see "Products: Gossamer Forum: Discussion" and in this area a "New" Discussion and maybe a "New" Message indication if someone answers. However once I have clicked on Discussion to look at the list of discussions all indications of new messages disappear even though I haven't seen the new posts displayed on a page.

Imagine there are 5 new discussions to view and 15 new posts, as soon as I have looked at the discussion list I have no way of knowing whether these 5 new discussions span over the first five discussions or the first 10, whether the 15 new messages span over the first five discussions or over the first fifteen.
There is in effect no way to see in the second list whether it is a new post or a new discussion and the date corresponds to the date of the last post not the creation date.

I find that it would help the user if the new indication was also displayed in the list of discussions that directly lead to the posts rather than just on the index page and that they stay displayed until the user has gone into view the posts.

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