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timestamp new text

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timestamp new text

I have a textarea where users input case history. I have setup the field so that users can only add new data to the textarea; however, they cannot modify previously added data. I want to add a timestamp each time a user enters data into the field and I've tried to accomplish that with the following code:

<TEXTAREA name=casehistory rows=14 cols=77></TEXTAREA> # this takes in the new case history

<INPUT type=hidden name=casehistory value="<%casehistory%>"> # this takes in the previous case history

<INPUT type=hidden name=casehistory value="<hr>Added By: <%Username%> on <%get_date(casehistory)%> @ <%get_time(casehistory)%><br><hr>"> # this is the timestamp

The problem I'm having is the timestamp will sometime get displayed above the newly added case history or at the very top of all the case history. I've tried switching the order of the input fields around, but that made a difference sometimes, but there are still times when it doesn't work. I was wondering if there is any other way to do this?

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