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javascript popunder code question

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javascript popunder code question
Hi all, got a JS coding question I'm wondering if someone can help with. I'm looking at using this popunder code


because it let's me set a cookie so visitors can see it once per browser session and I can randomly rotate different pages in the popup. It's actually pretty neat. But here's my dilema. In the window that's popped up (no scrollbars etc) I have a form submit where you can signup with your email address. But, because of the small size of the window, what I would rather do is on submit have it close the window it's in and open the results page in a new regular sized browser window. Alternatively I'd settle for sending the results back to the original browser window that opened the popup. Also the signup results page are generated by another web site and I have no control of the results page, hence the reason I'd rather open the results in a new normal sized window (right now the results page doesn't fit in my popup). I hope I'm explaining this clearly. Can this be done and does anyone have any suggestions of where to look for code or even have any code to do this.

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