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Re: [Demolitioncrew] Editor reward system ... what is it?

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Re: [Demolitioncrew] Editor reward system ... what is it? In reply to
Hi Bryce,

The rewards is modeled after what I do on my own site for my editors
DMOZ as you know as a voluntary editor system, and so are most of ours. I
wanted to go one step further and offer advertising in return for editing on
my site. The best way I found to keep track of how much advertising an
editor is allowed to have, and how much they have used is through a rewards

For example, you could reward an editor based on the total editing activity
they do in a month (most seem to have their own formula which is derived
from this). You could always post and ask others what they do to calculate

You could also tie the rewards into other "paid" services or referrals. Its
up to you.

Not to confuse this with an editor "Award" system which has been suggested
and will most likely appear in EM version 3 later this year.

Just so you know, there is an actual Editor Monitor thread here:


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