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Dear Gossamer Threads,

I purchased Gossamer Mail back in May 2002 and I think its a great product. I do however feel very distressed by the amount of bugs that have been reported by myself and on this forum for version 2.06 and 2.1. I feel like the GM discussion forum has more become a bug reporting forum. I think that e-mail is one of the most important services provided on the internet, yet I feel that GM is still in Beta stage! A e-mail solution has to be rock solid! There can't be users that don't receive mail and features such as WAP that don't work. I also find it weird that there is no solution to combat SPAM e-mail when sent to a user that doesn't exist. Even though GM bounces mail I still receive them back!
I bought GM when 2.06 was released and was promised that many bugs would be squashed in 2.1. I was also promised that some new features such as an improved address book would be included in 2.1. None of these materialized in 2.1 even though it took almost a month later than promised to release 2.1. The promises of 2.1 was what convinced me to buy GM!

As I have already said I really like GM, but I strongly feel that Gossamer Threads isn't giving the program the attention and priority it needs. I have only seen one person working with GM (Adrian) and he often states that he doesn't have time to do things. I often see Gossamer Forum being updated! So why isn't more resources put in to make sure GM is bug free!!
I really think that GM needs more attention as its your most important and expensive program!

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