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Re: [brewt] Incoming.pl problems!

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Hello Adrian!

The problem is that the mysql socket or the script is being killed due to its use of large amount of resources of the server. Imagine if there are 5000+ messages, how many minutes it needs to sort the messages. For any reason if it gets killed, due to resources or connection problems, then it inserts the message again and again. Thats the problem.

The problem is not in the script being killed and its investigation into the logs BUT in the multi-insertion of the same message again and again if the incoming.pl is not reaching to point of sorting the last message.

You said that there could be something in the checksum but never informed me if it could be a module version or anything else that needs to be checked or changed.

It does not delete the messages that it has inserted. So if it gets killed then it enters again and again and now it has inserted about 35 times in each respective mailbox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The original is still there and it would insert once again.

This has nothing to do with the logs. Further, changing the name or the username in the logs does not change anything in the connection problem. I am quite experienced now, as you may well know and the logs that I have published speaks its near exact version other than the changes described, namely, in the username and password. There is nothing important at all, and NOT EVEN A SMALL CHANGE OR ADDITION has been done.

Here it is not even a problem in looking into the logs. It is the insertion sub_routine and its following deletion that needs to be paid attention. So if it is in the logs, let me know. I shall send it again.

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rajani: Jul 7, 2002, 3:47 AM
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