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I have had problems during peak times with my email server not getting a lot of the script-generated emails. Alex or Jason was supposed to look at this months ago but I think they forgot :) This is still a VERY significant problem for me, as I have to send tons of people their welcome messages manually, and I have had to turn off many features like post notifications and watching threads. Anyhow, a user on my site suggested the following, and I wondered if it was something you all might consider, since it's way beyond my limited Perl knowledge.

E, you might want to consider something similar for the "Welcome" email problem. Create an email work order queue table in the database for welcome message emails and limit the server to only being able to send a certain number of them over specific periods of time (say only 10 every hour or whatever works). That way, if load gets too high, then it will only send a fixed amount of welcome messages and the rest will fall into the queue and be processed later when load lessens and the queue starts freeing up. Alternatively it could hold ALL welcome messages in the work order queue during peak hours or show days and only send them during off peak times (weekends or 4AM for instance) You know when those times are better than I.

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